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Everyone knows that Pandora let loose a world of hurt when she opened that box. But most people don’t know that when she realized what she’d done, she quickly put the lid back on and managed to capture Hope.

Lucky for us, hope is a powerful force. It’s powerful enough to overcome
all of the “evils” she accidentally let loose into the world.

The story of Pandora’s Box tells us that even in the midst of the worst
imaginable chaos or catastrophe, there is always hope.

Most of us would rather avoid the chaos and catastrophes, but the
truth is that the seeds of our genius are buried in the muck and the
darkness of the chaos. What happens To you actually happens FOR you.

You have unique gifts that you are here to share with the world. Nobody
else has had your unique mix of experiences, and those experiences
color how you view the world. Those experiences have woven together
to create YOUR STORY.

Your story has the elements of a great story: there’s a story line, drama,
high and low points, and recurring themes. You may or may be at a
place of resolution, or you might still be in the midst of the drama.

Wherever you are in your story, we have a place here for you. If you
want to dive deeply into your story to get to the resolution (so you can
start being who you’re meant to be in the world), click HERE.

If you’ve healed from your story and want to help others learn and
grow from your inspiring story, click HERE.

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